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We are a full service record label that focuses on developing fair and transparent opportunities for independent musicians and bands. Founded in 2001, we’ve adapted to changes in technology, expanding from traditional roadside and television ads to publicizing our clients over the Internet.

We are committed to developing solid, relevant releases, drumming up support for your music without ever departing from your artistic vision. We work with you directly, developing a custom plan for your project and brand. A contract with us is a guarantee that your career is moving in the right direction.

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For Musicians

We work with musicians seeking to develop their sound and career.

For Fans

We want to connect you with your new favorite musicians. 

For Everyone

Meaningful interactions between Fan and Artist



Who We Are

Besides raising awareness of your brand, we also help you find venues for your performances, partnering with a wide range of restaurants, schools, coffee shops, and convention halls.

We work with bands and musicians who seek to grow as artists and brands, finding them opportunities in film, gaming, and streaming. We’ll help you negotiate contracts, plan your release, and publicize your performances.

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality to each and every one of our customers.

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